Kitting of components and sub-assemblies

A significant trend in industry is to build trusted relationships with fewer suppliers that provide multi-component assemblies and sub-assemblies to customers just when they need them. Industrial Specialties, LLC is on the leading edge of this trend supplying customer specified kits which include assemblies of components previously purchased separately.

Customers are finding significant benefit and total process / product cost reduction due to:

  • Increase buying power at the supplier
  • Reduction of multi-component purchasing
  • Reduction in on-hand inventory and related carrying costs
  • In process delivery as needed
  • Capital cost avoidance
  • Assembly by certified technicians means product performance meets specifications and reduces scrap or rework
  • Releases existing workforce to do mission critical work
  • Makes current warehouse and assembly facilities available for growth
  • Adds a new complementing product line in the form of a service kits that can be sold to end users to refurbish product that has reached its service life